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dirty birthday perverts

Right now I’m in the middle of reading this 1Up article on the West’s fascination with Japan’s ‘perverted’ videogames (well worth a read even if you’re not into gamer culture) and buying a friend a birthday present despite not knowing whether it’s already been or not. Hm.

I’m also trying to figure out what music I like. Lately I’ve been in an unhealthy pattern of listening to only two or three bands at a time, and usually only one album at that, or else whatever CDs are lying around. I need to get back into searching for new bands that don’t sound like anything else I’ve heard before, or old bands that I missed first time around delving into my dad’s record collection.

And now I’ve made my readers who actually have record collections feel terribly old. Except that half of my similarly-aged friends are musos of various ranks and thus collect vinyl as though it were a oddly circular form of crack.

All of which is to say that there’s work that needs doing and I am nowhere near it. ‘Til next time.

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R.I.P. Childhood

Today I picked up my first games magazine in what must be over a year only to discover that it was the last issue of the first mag that ever hooked me.

The publication in question was Nintendo Magazine, formerly NGamerNGCN64 and Super Play before that. I’ll let you figure out the reasons for the many changes yourself. I first started picking it up in the heady days of the N64 era, when my child’s brain was still malleable and willing to be molded in whatever shape my influences decided upon.

Fortunately, this shape was a benign, independent editorial mission that simply loved playing games, reporting on them and interacting with their readership, concocting all sorts of wacky competitions and consistently keeping up with four(!)-page letter columns every single month. They had ace covers , reviews and features that told you all the important deets without taking themselves too seriously, and most importantly they seemed like they had a hell of a time doing it too.

Which makes it all the more sad that they don’t get to do it anymore. I feel slightly guilty, as though if I had been more attentive to my gaming needs and kept subscribing to the magazine a couple of years longer then this whole sorry affair could have been avoided.

Alas, I fear even my potential devotion couldn’t have saved it from the merciless whims of the publishing industry, and there are more than a few snarky quips at the team’s – and I quote – Corporate Overlords at Future Publishing. Why be gracious when you’re getting the sack, eh?

Even through the grumbles, though, they still made the bundle of paper worth shelling out for, if only for making me aware of this spaghetti western Zelda fan film:

I’d wish the whole team all the best if I thought they were going to read this. Hell, I’ll do it anyway: all the best! I may be a lapsed gamer now, but I most certainly wasn’t when I was reading your mag.

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Selling Out

Yesterday I hit rock bottom, financially, when I bought the train ticket that would take me to see The Dark Knight Rises. I’ve been without a job since January and out of full-time education for over a month now, so I’ve really not got much of an excuse to not get out there in the real world and find someone who’ll give me money to do things I don’t really want to.

Didn’t really help things that I got a rejection call from a job the day before, and while I’m doing some work for somebody else that might pan out eventually, right now it’s only on spec (i.e. not paid until I do half the job to prove I can do the rest of it).

So I’ve been reduced to ebaying my life.

Thankfully I’ve got a couple of high-value old videogames that fetch a nice price in the nostalgia market, along with several large boxes of comics of varying value, but it would still be nice to be able to hang on to all my cool shit for a little longer.

And yep, this is less a post than an advert: feel free to visit my ebay page if you’re into new(ish) comics and recent(ish) vidjagames. I’ll probably be adding lots more day by day – because taking and adding picture of dozens of comics is a fairly lengthy and irritating process – but I won’t hold it against you if I don’t get twenty bids by tomorrow.

I promise I’ll say something real next time.

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