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Pun Approval

So I got some more notes on my medieval educational film from someone else, i.e. an actual expert, and it turns out that I’ve still got a lot to work on, which is all right by me. I find it much more comforting when the finished product barely resembles the initial outline or draft, as it tends to illustrate progress in most cases (excluding Hollywood blockbusters, in which case most of them might be a hell of a lot better off if they were simply faithful to a shitty first draft) and, I don’t know, growth in me?

So I’ve got stuff to change in it and a lot of new material came up in yesterday’s meeting, including permission to be a heck of a lot sillier. I’d been holding back somewhat as certain, more out there aspects of my sense of humour aren’t always well received and I didn’t want to freak out these people who don’t know me yet quite so quickly. I’m sure I already have in a dozen other ways, but at least it’s not like that.

And it paid off, because I now have pun approval. That’s the good news.

The bad news is they expect me to film the damn thing. This week, too.

Cue me cursing my ambitions for heavily-laden feasting tables and period extras every which way and striving to come up with a name for a believable-sounding supervirus that I can ‘come down with’ as soon as I hand off the final draft.

That’s what I was thinking earlier today. It was immediately followed by this question: why am I reluctant to make a film?

There are many reasons and rationalisations, from the fact that I’m not getting paid to my usual unease with the idea of casting for a no-budget film, but chief among them is that I don’t want to be responsible for making a mess of what I think might be a fun video.

Of course, this is the price you pay when you go around telling folks you’re “a filmmaker”. You really can’t be shocked when they expect you to be able to, y’know, make a film.

I’m working on the bedsheet rope as you read this. I’ll let you know how the escape plan works out.

In other not-quite-news, here’s my Nerdly review of Dexter Season 7. It’s funny, it’s sexy, it’s coldly violent and regularly disturbing – fun for the whole (incestuous, sociopathic) family!

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I Directed Tim And All I Got Was This Lousy Redshirt

Today I directed something for the first time since Pieces Falling Into Place, way back in the misty days of November. It’s the sole episode of I Am Tim that I’m helming, and rather unsurprisingly it revolves around a conversation filled with tosh and nonsense.

Not that there isn’t a healthy dollop of gore and gratuitous sex still to be thrown in the mix.

(“Phew!” I hear a few of you sigh, deep in your underground caverns of disturbing masturbation.)

The scenes we focused most attention on took place in a bedroom. Two men, the taking off of clothes, an endless barrage of Labradors and just a dash of urine were all thrown into the mix.

It’s weird to be back. Yet I have no-one to blame but myself because I also wrote and produced the episode in question. And we still haven’t gotten to the REALLY strange bits.

I won’t spoil it for you. All I can tell you is you’ll never look at the Spice Girls the same way again.

I’m suddenly painfully aware that a few of you (out of the already scant few there are) might not know what it is I’m blathering on about. By way of introduction to the series I’m working on, why not watch the first episode of I Am Tim from the comfort of my blog?

And then consume the rest in your own filthy pit.

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