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Strange Breadfellows

So I finally got my act together and put the second part of my two-parter on rewatching up on Strange Bedfellows. It’s here if you want to have a looksee, and here’s the first part if you’ve forgotten what it was all about. (I certainly did…)

Oh, and housemate/wunderkind Tom’s started baking bread for us now. I’m a lucky gal.

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Same ingredients, different meal

My latest (belated) contribution to the Strange Bedfellows project, about re-experiencing media and finding something different each time.

Part 2 should be up next week, as I really need to catch up with the schedule…

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So here’s the plan

You all probably saw this coming way before I did. Naturally, because you’re all very intelligent and stunningly beautiful. Did you do something with you hair? It looks great!

Yes, I’m calling time on the blog, at least for this year. With most of my belongings still in cardboard boxes or in another town and my job(s) swallowing up my time until after Christmas, my life doesn’t exactly allow me the free thinking/typing space to be able to keep this up every other day, let alone every single bloody one, and it’s only going to get worse the closer we get to the big C. I could go out on a limb and get something out every single night, but a) it likely wouldn’t fit the bill I set for myself a few weeks ago because it’d be much less work to just pick a random topic out of the air, and b) I really wouldn’t be happy with what I’d written and neither would you.

To this end, I’m only setting myself one hard rule: At least one (substantial) post a week until January, when the shittier job ends and I can do a big (disclaimer: will probably not be that big) relaunch. Just to let y’all know I’m still alive and that.

Which isn’t to say that I’m giving up on writing entirely for the whole month. Not writing anything at all tends to be just as bad as having tons to do but no time to do it well, and my main problem has been having the mental weight of over a dozen different posts to catch up on along with the Strange Bedfellows stuff and B3K reviews, not to mention that, uh, new feature draft that was supposed to be done a while back. Having all that bearing down on me – with more self-imposed blog guilt piled on every day – kind of made me unable to get my hands on the wheel, let alone switch gears between all that nonsense.

So I’m bringing it back to basics, and just focusing on the screenplay for now – with the exception of things that actually need doing for other people – which I think is a fairly sensible plan. Actually, the most sensible part was probably telling you all this so I don’t keep feeling like a flaky schizophrenic every other minute.

If you’re a regular reading, thanks for coming along (and well done for getting through more than one of these). I know I apologised for the disruption in the last post, but I’ll say it again: sorry, folks. When a person or organisation leads an audience to expect something and they don’t deliver, they always owe the people an apology, or at least an explanation. I hope this has achieved both.

Oh, and one more thing before I go: If you’re a more productive person than me – and really, who isn’t? – who hates to see blog space go to waste, I’m more than happy to put up guest posts. Feel free to send anything you think might be of interest to anyone to or hit me up on Twitter and we’ll talk.

That’s all for now, folks. Thanks again for reading.

– M

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Let’s all just take a step back for a moment

Yesterday included zero planning and maximum doing, hence the lack of posting. I started the day having to catch a train I didn’t know I needed to get an hour after I woke up in order to talk about shopping and ended it at a 60th birthday party by the sea I didn’t know I was attending.

There was free wine and cocktail sausages and music and cake. You know the rest.

Seeing as this post should have gone up yesterday (I thought I owed you a real one rather than another in a long line of text-blogs) and there’s no set topic for Saturdays, we can just catch up.

On another belated-writing note, my second entry for the Strange Bedfellows project went live a couple of days ago. It’s about prizing the quality and sincerity of your art over its originality (which is SO overrated). On the topic I mention Looper, I Am Tim and (naturally) Buffy. Read it here if you’re into that kind of thing.

People have been saying nice things about the first entry into my flash fiction series, but according to the site stats not that many have actually read it. You can read The Chrononaut here if you wish. Let me know what you think.

And that’s about it, really, aside from a couple of reviews of Ghibli movies over on B3k, but I waxed lyrical about animation enough the other day.

I’ll be putting up my first dedicated comics post later on tonight if wine doesn’t enter the situation.

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I spent one part of today sitting under the A64, observing a surprisingly faithful graffiti rendition of Dennis the Menace, having spent the best part of an hour traipsing through mud-laden fields in search of the right location to have a Nerf war.

I spent another sitting in a university lecture hall learning about neuroscience in literature. As you do.

And yet another comfortably situated in the cheapest pub in town, discussing plans to take over the podcast-verse via rigorously-structured movie-talk.

Strange day. Strange is good. Also exhausting, muddy and occasionally baffling, but mostly good.

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Bleeding Fingers

I just spent the best part of the day writing a 1400-word post for my Strange Bedfellows introduction. Well, that’s not strictly true. I probably spent around two hours writing the thing and then used the rest of the day making sure it wasn’t completely terrible.

Jury’s still out. Guess you’ll have to judge for yourself when it drops (tomorrow, I guess? Has to be approved and whatnot), but I feel confident that I got what I wanted to say across and fired off some interesting notions into people’s braintanks.

Also: Pictures! Hyperlinks! Video embeds!

Actually, I probably shouldn’t shout about that around here. I’m pretty stingy with the ‘anything other than words, the endless goddamn words’ round these parts. C’mon, honey. I write on you every day. I only get to write on my SB column once every two weeks, you can’t blame me for spoiling her!

This just got weird, didn’t it?

(If you see the post before I link to it on here tomorrow, please let me know what you think!)

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A Bed Is A Couch Is Not A Bed

Tonight I shall be sleeping in a bed for the first time in a week. An actual, goose-feather-filled (okay, maybe not the last part) piece of furniture purpose-built for people to actually sleep on instead of one made for parking their keester, watching movies and chomping down pizza on. Which is what I’ve been on all week during the I Am Tim shoot.

Not that I slept particularly badly; I know for a fact that my kindly host, Jamie McKeller of Tim-famy (ha!), slept much worse than myself, despite it being his own bloody house. He spent his nights curled up on the bedroom floor in what he called his ‘nest’, though it was evidently less warm and inviting as that sounds.

Unless it sounds like it was made of twigs and muddy leaves. In which case it was exactly as warm and inviting as it sounds.

This was due to a crew/cast member having broken a rib or two in a horse riding injury a couple of weeks previous and thus requiring a bed in which to mend. Jamie was only too kind to oblige at his own expense.

As a result of all this slumber-deprivation, we’re pretty well knackered. It’s been three days now since we wrapped this shoot (finishing a day early last Friday was wholeheartedly welcomed) but Jamie, myself and a few other long-haulers are still feeling the effects.

Which is why this blog is about how tired I am and not anything much more interesting. Sleep first; fun second. I’ll recap last week’s events in the coming days, hopefully to your rapture and amusement.

(There will be pictures of crew members in compromising positions, I promise.)

Oh, and did you know that the Strange Bedfellows blog started today?

Well, it did. So there.

Why not check out the first entry and find out what it’s all about?

Heck, you might even enjoy yourself.

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Tomorrow, The Other Day

So tomorrow the Strange Bedfellows blogging project begins in earnest, and by some cosmic mishap I’m a part of it. You can get the proper gist of it here, but to summarise it for the lazy among you it’s about “the relationship between creativity and analysis in an age of austerity”, which I’ve essentially taken to mean that I can just talk about how crap the Star Wars prequels were and then lay out my plan for Episodes 7, 8 & 9.

You all made that leap too, right?

Anyway, I met a few of my fellow bloggers t’other night. I’d known one of the co-ordinators previously, but no-one else (…well, apparently I’d been introduced to another of them while inebriated, but neither of us remembered so it was amiably awkward).

It was fun to meet people who knew a lot about things that I didn’t know about. But also terrifying because they were all much smarter than me (most are doing PhDs) and knew a lot about things that I didn’t know about. Good thing they’re all lovely or I’d be crying into a pillow right now.

Regardless, I was assured that the content doesn’t have to be incredibly lofty or reference-heavy; it just has to be there. A post once a fortnight is required of the ten-strong blogging team so it’ll be chock-full of content.

Oh, and interesting. Interesting would help. I’m sure I can pull something like that from somewhere. Surely. Probably. Maybe.

Like I said, it all kicks off tomorrow! Check out the site frequently and I’m sure there’ll be something for you.

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