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The Sweet Pain of Power Pop

Sometimes I don’t think I’ll get over my romantic obsession with wry, melodramatic but utterly sincere power pop that threatens to destroy me with THE POWER OF EMOTION whenever I listen to it too much.

But then I discover a band like Trust Fund and realise there’s no need to get over it.

You can listen to their debut album at that link up there. Or here if that’s too far. I’ll let the music speak for itself, as I’m usually really bad at selling bands I like to other people.

That said, I have been seriously toying with the idea of writing an account of my relationship history in parallel with Los Campesinos!’s album releases.

Because that’s the kind of thing I consider fun, obviously.

In other news, I wrote some more reviews for Nerdly. Blackhat and Jack Strong, which it looks like very few people will actually see, were kind of a mixed bag. Similarly with the FrightFest Glasgow screeners I got for [REC]488 and The Atticus Institute, although they were at least consistently entertaining. And one of them has Ethan from Lost in it!

Even if I wasn’t blown away by the fare I saw, the lineup for FFG still got me psyched for the main event in London later this year. I’ve been doing a lot of solo cinemagoing over the past few weeks (yet I’m still way behind on my Letterboxd challenge) so it’ll be nice to attend a huge community film event for a couple of days before returning to the hermitage of the multiplex.

I’ve seen a lot of bad thrillers and horror movies recently, but one of them may actually end up making the list of my favourite films of the year. That film? The Boy Next Door. My review should be out soon, but don’t bother reading it if you have the opportunity to go and see it; just do it. You will not regret a second or penny spent, I assure you. Thank me later.

And thanks for reading. You’re my favourite.

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The Room/Kissing The Sky

I’m sat in an ostensibly Hendrix-themed bar in Crouch End that is far more about soft candlelight and even softer pop-rock than it is about beads and wicked Napoleonic jackets, but that’s cool because the wi-fi is free and they have wasabi peas. I just picked up a set of fish-eye lens camera prints that I took last September and dropped off in January, so I’m experiencing some weird time-warping right now. Most of the photos I have distinct recollections of, except for one shirtless picture of myself in a bed I don’t know if I ought to recognise or not. Probably best not to worry (or post that picture online), right? Right.

So yeah, this is the kind of thing I do on a Saturday in the big city. I don’t have a routine of sorts and I’m still behind on my daily film viewings so I’ve just been flitting around Soho trying to soak up as much culture as I can while fitting in downloaded movies on the long bus journeys between. (Getting from my place to central London takes about five minutes longer than the train between Scarborough and York, which I find strangely comforting.)

I squeezed in Broken, a BFI-funded kitchen sink drama about modern suburbia and how everyone comes of age in different ways, over two such journeys courtesy of BBC’s iplayer app. Don’t tell me I’m a bad person because I watch movies on my phone, please. I wrote a little bit about it on Letterboxd.

Last Saturday I saw this mythical figure (let’s not lessen his mystique by referring to him as a man) live on stage at the Prince Charles Cinema:

In case you're wondering: yes, he is wearing branded underwear with his name on.

In case you’re wondering: yes, he is wearing branded underwear with his name on.

Tommy Wiseau hosted a midnight screening of his masterwork (and only feature film to date), The Room, and just barely answered some questions the audience had. He claimed to be 200 years old, was proud to announce that he was wearing five belts and if you don’t know anything more about the enigmatic Mr. Wiseau then I suggest you watch The Room immediately. Like right now.

It was a magical experience, but not one I’m entirely certain I have the gumption to sit through ever again. Spoons were thrown, catchphrases were bellowed and brains were accordingly fried.

I should have comic news but I don’t; maybe next time. Thanks for reading.

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Stuff You May Have Missed…

…or, to put it more fairly, things I just haven’t told you about. If you follow me on social media or actually know me in real life you’ll probably be aware that I started a job in London (not in Ontario – sorry, Canadians) and moved here in December. Which was all very exciting, but as I was hopping from couch to couch & looking for my own place while trying to figure out how this whole 9-5 job thing worked I didn’t have a whole lot of time for writing.

Well, not on this blog anyway. I’ve started contributing regularly to Nerdly once again, and to my delight I’m much better located to attend preview screenings for upcoming movies than I was Up North™. Since 2015 began I’ve reviewed the following:

And there are plenty more in the pipeline, including my thoughts on Michael Mann’s Blackhat, which I saw before most of the above but am still kind of processing.

At any rate, I’m being more productive in some form or another online than I have been in a year or so. This would be great if it didn’t make me feel like I’ve been incredibly lazy over the past twelve months. But I’m not going to dwell on such thoughts, no!

Another thing that’s been eating up my time has been my aggressive consumption of cinema as part of an attempt to watch at least one new (to me, anyway) film every day, as documented on my Letterboxd. Sidenote: you should sign up to Letterboxd if you like film discussion, ranking and list-making. It’s got a lovely sense of community, which is a surprising and welcome thing to find on a social networking site.

(Earlier tonight a friend asserted that I’m basically living in the cinema much like Francois Truffaut and his cohort back in their early days. It was awfully generous of him to mention me in the same breath.)

Yes, I know I’m behind, but being homeless for the first three weeks of the year doesn’t leave you with a lot of independent free time. I’m catching up with myself, though, and once I’m on track – I’m currently clocking about 1.5 flicks a day, so I should be right in a week or so – things will ease off and I intend to start blogging here again more regularly.

I know, I know. You’ve heard it all before. But this time I mean it, not least because now I actually have something to write about again. Yes, that something will mostly be movies, but there are other, more creative endeavours in the works that I’ll hopefully be able to share with you soon.

If those things end up being delayed for whatever reason (and I usually find one) then at least you’ll get some dispatches from my new home in the aisles. Watch this space, but maybe bring a magazine or something so you don’t get bored.

Happy new year (yes I know it’s February shut up) and thanks so much for reading this far. You’re the best.

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