Vincent Price’s Moustache

So I just checked out my bank balance on my online account. Oh boy.

I won’t get into the gory details as such, but let’s just say that I don’t know if I’m going to be able to afford to keep up payments on this free blog.

Okay. That’s more than enough hyperbole.

I find it curious that I can only summon the courage to open up my banking app in the wee hours of the morning, normally right before I go to bed.

If I were to try and psycho-analyse myself, I’d probably say it was either a) so that I can discover that my finances aren’t in as dire straits as I feared and hit the sack relatively worry-free for another day or b) so that, upon finding out my phone, clothes and teeth are all about to be repossessed to pay off my never-read impulse subscription to New Humanist Magazine, I can allow my head to strike the pillow and hope that imminent sleep will wipe away this bitter memory or make it seem like a really dull nightmare. Really it’s more likely that I simply forget that I even have a bank account until I go window shopping for pithy t-shirts online at 1am nightly.

I hope that was at least funny to you guys, ’cause it sure as hell wasn’t interesting! Jesus, my bank account? I thought I had material?

[This isn’t a plea for donations, by the way. Not that I expect anyone to pay for this crap. That said, if anyone wants to hire me to write any comic/movie/book reviews I’m not going to bat them away. I know I just described my writing as crap. That’s the writing nobody pays for. When there’s a crisp twenty in my virtual pocket the quality sees a dramatic spike in quality. But yeah, I just wanted to make sure you didn’t think I was having a passive-aggressive grovel or anything.]

Oh, wait, I do have material:

The second part of my Bluewater comics review for Nerdly. It ain’t pretty, but it’s slightly more hopeful than the first bunch. Plus, I talk about Vincent Price’s moustache and all the times folks have tried to remake Logan’s Run. [The first version of that sentence read “Plus, I talk about Vincent Price’s moustache and all the times folks have tried to remake it,” which I kind of love.]

This wasn't the only picture I could find of "Vincent Price moustache", but it was the best.

This wasn’t the only picture I could find of “Vincent Price moustache”, but it was the best.

Currently games designer Ken Levine’s been tapped to write the screenplay, which on its face is kind of weird until you realise the guy who came up with Bioshock is a goddamn genius choice.

But yeah, check out the wiki entry. It’s pretty interesting if you’re keen on checking out how long it takes Hollywood to get its shit together. The clock’s still running on that one.

[Full disclosure: that last link just goes to my review as well. Technically I’m not lying because the wiki link is on the page and frankly I’m kind of insulted that you just skipped over the first link because why what you don’t like comics or you just don’t like me then WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING HERE ah fuck it]

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