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The Creepy Future

A short one today as I’m sure not many of us want to be reading blog entries on New Year’s Eve.

One thing that strikes me today is that we live in a very strange age. The post regarding Bryan Lee O’Malley is a pretty good example of this, as is the fact that I was privy to a public conversation between two prominent comic creators on Twitter today. As much as I love Twitter, following people I’ve never met and listening in to their conversations – because eavesdropping has got to be in everyone’s top 5 list of hobbies – there comes a point where it becomes  weird and a little creepy.

It was the aforementioned conversation that really alerted me to this, as one party mentioned knowing that the other wasn’t  a fan of someone else’s work (in this case, Alan Moore). They denied this, and the original party admitted being mistaken, having been led to believe this fallacy by something they tweeted earlier in the year.

This reminded me of my own meeting with a couple of comic creators at Thought Bubble in November, at which I second-guessed most of what one of my favourite artists was saying because I’d already seen it on Twitter.

Maybe it’s just me – and it wouldn’t be the first time – but a one-way relationship, like that of following someone who doesn’t follow you on Twitter, can only ever work online, where it can’t be awkward and any interaction you might have is entirely controlled by the followee. Once you get into the real world with that person and divulge all the information you’ve learned about them it becomes more than a little backwards, because although they themselves put the info out there, they know next to nothing about you.

It’s like having your best friend’s memory wiped and then going to the pub with them.

I say this now because this is pretty much the age we’re in: one where a large portion of our day is spent online, learning more and more about people and products and things we may never come into contact with. But it’s just as real as any other part of life because it affects us, and a reliance on that is kind of dangerous when you expose it to the air.

Twenty years ago, if you met an author or musician you were a huge fan of, it would be amazing because they’d still be a mystery to you, unless you read every feature and biography written about them. Today the mystery’s not there so much and, while I’m not saying it’s impossible to have a real interaction with someone you follow, the scales are weighted in an odd way and it makes me feel funny.

I guess that’s as good a way to sum up this year as any.

Happy New Year, guys. See you on the other side.

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…and we’re back

It’s been exactly 6 months to the day (give or take a day) since I started posting on here. If I had managed to stick to my ‘post a day’ rule, I should be around #185 by now. Instead we’re here at #139.

I’m not going to go into the reasons why this has happened: I think they’re well documented enough by now. I felt somewhat ashamed and a little lazy at having to put the blog on hiatus for over a month’s worth of posting simply because a job, of all things, took up a few hours of my week.

Part of me didn’t think I’d get back to it – maybe the odd weekly post, reviews and such, but that’d soon fall into disrepair too – but even before my temp contract ended I started feeling like the days had no structure, no through line…and that’s kind of what this is for me.

So I’m back, partly because it helps organise my brain and partly – fingers crossed – because you guys get something out of it.

I’ll get something out every day without fail from now on. At some point I’ll get back to the schedule I set up a couple of months ago – because I enjoyed the challenges those limitations gave me and I sorely need more fiction writing practice – but until then I’ll give you cliff notes on the most interesting things that’ve happened in the past couple of months, including a bunch of exciting new things that have been conceived and could do with a bit of public nurturing. Shit, I might even give you a page or two of this movie I’m trying to straighten out if I’m drunk enough.

So, yeah. I’m not saying it’ll be smooth sailing, because whenever I promise the world I’ll stick to something it inevitably goes tits up. I’m just saying I’ll be here.

I’m sure we’ll all figure out whether or not that’s a good thing real soon.

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Abnormal Service

So last night Bryan Lee O’Malley – creator of Scott Pilgrim and excessive Twitter user – starting livetweeting the fact that he was googling ‘cute towns’.

Including this place:

Which is where I live. I talked to him about it and tried to get him to come over and look at The Shambles (totally not as a pretext to get him to sign my copies of SP or anything. Totally.) but he said he’d already been and/or had passed out from all the bourbon he said he was drinking.

It was kind of weird.

Hi there. I’m back.

Normal service (whatever the hell that is) will resume later today.

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