Passing out during bad movies is the new yawning loudly at the cinema during bad movies

I started my day watching a movie called The Day Time Ended. How could anything possibly live up to that quantum quandary, I hear you scream in anticipatory agony?

[Okay, I’ll cool it with the alliteration for a while.]

Answer: It doesn’t. By quite a long way, as a matter of fact.

I hated it so much I fell asleep and couldn’t care less that when I woke up the entire cast had travelled thousands of years into the future and landed in some wanky painted utopia (seriously, it’s just a shit painted backdrop), somehow leaving behind the epilepsy-inducing flying blobs that were standing for UFOs.

Some of that might sound vaguely interesting, but it’s all sandwiched in between horrifically acted family bonding scenes and little girls hugging pyramids.

Looks like I picked the wrong day to quit sniffing glue.

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