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Mundane Movie Collections

Perhaps proposing a daily blog entry the day before an almighty hangover was something of a foolish decision, but I’m not in the business of making beds I don’t intend to sleep in, so here we go again. This one might be a little more…free association than usual.

Anyway, today I was thinking – between writhing in pain in a sleeping bag and wishing that the sun would do me a favour and piss off for the rest of my life – about a twitter conversation I recently had with a friend of mine about the quality of sports movies. He claimed that there are very few good examples because “everything that happens in sport is a cliché” and ergo those movies are full of clichés and thus a bit naff.

We back-and-forthed a little on the subject – my main argument was that any good story, be it a film, novel or comic, is about characters rather than plot and if you didn’t care about the quarterback main character then you wouldn’t care about whether his team won the match or not. I cited Rocky as an example of a good sports movie that was less about boxing than about an underdog going the distance and falling in love. My friend somewhat contrarily said that Rocky wasn’t a sports movie because it was about a man applying a special skill (a statement I found puzzling and not a little pedantic, because isn’t every sports/spy/crime/superhero movie?) and that the same could be said of Good Will Hunting. “Would you call that a Maths movie?” he asked me.

And you know what? From now on, I’m going to. I started compiling a list of Maths-centric films that could be collected in the dullest DVD boxset ever produced and thought, why stop there? Why not make lists for other lesser-known genres for a reason unknown even to me? And here they are:

Maths Movies (The Decimal Collection)

Good Will Hunting

– π (Pi)

A Beautiful Mind



Billionaire Movies (The 1% Collection)

The Social Network

– Iron Man

 The Dark Knight

– The Aviator

– Cosmopolis

Navelgazing Indie Movies (Too Hip For Their Own Good)

– The Future

Tiny Furniture


Hope you enjoyed (or at least tolerated) those. Got any mundane collections of your own? Let me know!

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Today is my birthday. I’m 22, which is the oldest I’ve ever been. Funny, that.

Anyway, I thought today was an apt a day as any to start blogging full-time. By ‘full-time’, I of course mean every day. For free. Because writers are supposed to do that – writing every day – if they want to stop sucking, and I’ve been kind of lax in that regard lately. Not that I haven’t been writing; in fact, this year so far has been my most productive ever.

I should probably start again. If people start reading this blog (which I hope/fear they eventually might), they might not be too familiar with what I’m all about.

Here’s a quick primer on who I am and what I do so we’re all up to speed:

–          My name’s Mark. Hi there! It’s nice to meet you. Not that we’ve necessarily met. If we haven’t, please don’t try to find me in person. We might not get on and I can’t take that kind of rejection.

–          Like I said, I’m 22.

–          Up until yesterday I lived in York, England, where I just finished a filmmaking degree that I am increasingly dismissive of. I just moved back to my hometown of Scarborough but plan to move back again at the end of summer, when my best friend comes back from America and his dad buys a house so I can pay him money to live in it. So I haven’t really moved home. I do hope we’re clear on that. Okay? Okay.

–          I’m a writer and a filmmaker. The ordering of that is important as I’m focusing more on the ‘writer’ part at the moment. Which isn’t to say filmmaking is a secondary interest to me, it’s just that I’d like to get good at one thing before I throw myself into something else.

–          In previous years I’ve written and directed short films, a web series and various corporate/vaguely commercial web and viral ads with varying degrees of success.

–          I’ve also attempted to write feature films, TV shows and get a couple of comics projects off the ground with varying degrees of failure.

–          In the last six months I’ve written two short films (one directed by myself, one not), played a major creative role in helping a fellow York filmmaker make two web series (including plotting and writing five or so episodes), started a mini production company, shot a fashion promo in London, disbanded said company, written a voiceover for a viral ad, started and finished a first draft of my first feature screenplay and agreed to co-write and produce that other filmmaker’s new feature.

Sounds like a lot when you put it all up there, doesn’t it? Maybe, but I’ve still been lazy. (And people still aren’t paying me for it, so I’m still not any good.) I haven’t written so much as a text or a half-assed Tumblr haiku for a couple of weeks now, and that needs to stop. I read a post by the wonderful Kelly Oxford the other day that mentioned the fact that she’d blogged every day for 12 years and decided that I really need to buck my ideas up if I want to do anything of merit before I’m old.

Y’know, like 23 or something.

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